Illinois Transport, Inc was founded in 1973 by Frank Giordano Sr. The company was acquired by our current President and CEO, Joshua Cooley, in 2013.

Joshua is renowned in the intermodal industry with over 25 years of experience working at leading companies throughout the United States. Since the acquisition, Joshua has transformed the company from a small, single depot operation into the mid-west’s leading intermodal equipment maintenance and repair, and storage service provider.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the world's most trusted and respected service provider in the intermodal industry. To do this, we strive to establish a culture that supports our team members so they can provide truly exceptional service to our customers.

Our Core Values

We share common values to achieve our mission:
Customer Service - We empower our talented team members to consistently provide our customers with unparalleled levels of support.
Passion - We hire and train people who have a passion to succeed in everything that they do.
Do Better - As individuals and as a company, we strive every day to do better for our customers, contractors, suppliers and colleagues.